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Currently, THT has supplied a lot of GE brand protection relays into Vietnam's electrical system. All of them work stably and receive high performance reviews from the users.

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* The line is responsible for transmitting electricity from the power plant to the place of consumption. Because the power plant is often away from the load, the lines are often very long and must go through a lot of terrain and operate in a lot of harsh conditions. This makes investment costs and maintenance costs of power transmission lines are often very large. Understanding the important role of transmission lines in electricity systems as well as customer needs, GE has introduced comprehensive solutions for transmission line protection:

- Diversified protection subjects: GE relays can protect multiple product lines that meet the protection requirements of different voltage levels on transmission lines.
- Multifunctional protection relay: In addition to the main protection functions such as 21, 87L; GE line protection relays also incorporate additional protection functions such as 25, 27/59, 50BF ...
- Accurately pinpoint fault locations on the line: With the new patented technology, protective relays can pinpoint fault locations on line, thus saving time on troubleshooting as well. such as minimizing the damage of the incident.
- Multi-relay relays: Integrating communications from the most popular to the most modern such as Modbus RTU / TCP-IP, IEC61850, ... GE relays can connect well with existing systems of factory.
- Works well with a variety of environmental conditions: With an IP54-rated body and standards for impact resistance, GE relays work well in a variety of difficult conditions smoothly. In addition, with the patented work environment monitoring system, GE relays show all necessary parameters of operating conditions and equipment conditions.

> In addition, when using GE products, customers also enjoy additional incentives:

+Designed, tested and fully assembled at GE facilities
+Guaranteed under GE's 10-year warranty


21G Ground Distance 51P Phase Time Overcurrent
21P Phase Distance 51_2 Negative Sequence Time Overcurrent
24 Synchronism Check 52 AC Circuit Breaker
25 Synchrocheck 59N Neutral Overvoltage
27P Phase Undervoltage 59P Phase Overvoltage
27X Auxiliary Undervoltage 59X Auxiliary Overvoltage
32 Sensitive Directional Power 67_2 Negative Sequence Directional Overcurrent
49 Thermal Overload 67N Neutral Directional Overcurrent
50BF Breaker Failure 67P Phase Directional Overcurrent
50DD Current Disturbance Detector 68 Power Swing Blocking
50G Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent 78 Out-of-Step Tripping
50N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent 79 Automatic Recloser
50P Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent 81U/O Under/Over Frequency, df/dt
50_2 Negative Sequence Instantaneous Overcurrent 87L Segregated Line Current Differential
51G Ground Time Overcurrent 81ROCOF Rate of Change of Frequency
51N Neutral Time Overcurrent 87LG Ground Line Current Differential



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