-         THT has a group of knowledgeable, cultural, active, creative, effective people who are eager to learn, respect and share with each other towards the goal of sustainable development and always consider: " The company is family, colleagues are brothers ”

-         THT's products and services are high-quality and high-tech products and services, which are crystallized from the intellectual elite of THT people plus advanced machine technology, and the process of organizing production compliance. ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system strictly controls every stage and every detail.

-         Having a system of suppliers that are selected, reputable, high quality, competitive prices. Always cooperating, respecting, sharing and supporting each other to develop together.

-         Having a large traditional customer system. Be trusted by customers on the basis of good products and services, dedicated to customers. Having the ability to expand and develop the customer system based on the reputation of quality, service, and reputation of the brand and image of the business.

-         Solidarity leadership, high competence, standards, always towards the interests of the community, in which the interests of employees and shareholders, are always thorough in implementing the commitments of yourself. The transparency and high responsibility of the leaders create a trust for all those involved and easily get cooperation, support from many sides, promote the company's development fast, strong, lasting.