-         Founded in 2012 by dedicated people, like-minded people, THT has gradually become one of the leading trading and technology service companies in Vietnam.

-         THT's main business is Trading, Providing technical services and High Technology.

+    In the field of Commerce, we are the official distributor of electrical equipment products of GE Group (USA), LEELEN Group (China). In addition, we also distribute Telecommunications products, Switchboards, Video door phones with brands like Panasonic, Siemens ...

+     In the field of providing High Technology and Technical Services, we have a team of experienced engineers in the field of Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, we are capable of providing Control Systems and Maintenance. protection (SCADA, DCS ...) for Factories, Enterprises, Power Transmission and Distribution Stations. We also advise, supply and install video conferencing systems, telephone exchange ... for State agencies and office buildings.

-         After more than 03 years of constant striving and maturing,  THT HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE TRADING JOINT STOCK CAMPANY  has made progress in all aspects. With the orientation to build the Company to become the best and professional supplier of products, solutions and technical services to bring trust to customers.

-         We have gradually asserted our position in the field of distribution of industrial electrical equipment, automation, design and manufacture of electrical cabinets, Scada systems and become a reliable partner of our customers. We are honored to be trusted by reputable partners in the world and selected to become the official importer and distributor of products and equipment in Vietnam. THT HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE TRADING JOINT STOCK CAMPANY has become the official importer and distributor of  Digital Relays and  SCADA Synchronous Systems of  GE (USA)  and  Alstom (UK)  since August  31, 2016 . We are committed to providing our customers with genuine equipment, quality, reasonable prices and the best after-sales service.



-         THT always strives towards the goal of sustainable development and becomes one of the leading trading and manufacturing panel companies in Vietnam, always providing high-quality products and after-sales services based on the professionalism, technology, internal knowledge and enthusiasm and creativity of our staff.

-         THT always focuses on human factors, people are the company's top priority. With the motto: people are the decisive subject to success in work, THT constantly training, improving morality, qualification and creative thinking of human resources with the goals: Discipline - Solidarity - Dynamic - Creative. Benefit and develop a career for each individual, for each member of the company

-         THT always focuses on developing and perfecting products based on advanced technology, creativity and compliance with design standards to enhance the stature and reputation of the company in the field of manufacturing.

-         THT always aims to achieve an effective management system to enhance the passion, responsibility and job transparency in each member of the company as well as to specify the benefits for each member.

-         THT always attaches great importance to building an enterprise culture environment with a professional style but covers human and human identities. And a stable, solid development foundation to bring the company to a high level of success.

-         THT always expands comprehensive cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to acquire the essence of partners, as well as develop and promote its strengths. Always working with partners to build solidarity and commitment to benefit the company and the community.