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-Currently, THT is the official distributor of GE protective relay products in Vietnam market. The electrical system in Vietnam uses a lot of GE relays provided by THT. All of them work stably and receive high performance ratings from the users.

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* The motor is a common and very diverse load to suit the requirements of the user. Therefore, the problems that can arise in the engine process are also diverse. As one of the leading engine manufacturers in the world, GE understands this problem and has found many advanced solutions to solve this problem. GE relays incorporate advanced new technologies to make monitoring, protection, and engine control easier and more efficient. From there, improve the efficiency and longevity of the engine.


12/14 Over Speed Protection/ Under Speed Protection 51G Ground Time Overcurrent
24 Volts per Hertz 51SG Sensitive Ground T ime Overcurrent
26F Sync. Motor Field Overtemperature 51N Neutral Time Overcurrent
27F Sync. Motor Field Undervoltage 51P Phase Time Overcurrent
27P Phase Undervoltage 52 AC Circuit Breaker
32 Directional Power 55 Power Factor
37 Undercurrent 56 Sync. Motor Start Sequence Control
37F Sync. Motor Field Undercurrent 59F Sync. Motor Field Overvoltage
37P Underpower 59N Neutral Overvoltage
38 Bearing RTD Temperature 59P Phase Overvoltage
40 Loss of Excitation 59X Auxiliary Overvoltage
41 Loss of Excitation 59_2 Negative Sequence Overvoltage
40Q Reactive Power 66 Maximum Starting Rate
46 Current Unbalance 67N Neutral Directional Element
47 Voltage Reversal 67P Phase Directional Element
48 Incomplete Sequence 78 Out-of-Step Protection
49 Thermal Model 81O Overfrequency
49S Stator RTD Temperature 81U Underfrequency
50BF Breaker Failure 81R Frequency Rate of Change
50G Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent 86 Start Inhibit
50SG Ground Fault 87S Stator Differential
50LR Mechanical Jam 90F Sync. Motor Power Factor Regulation
50N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent 95 Reluctance Torque Sync/Resync.
50P Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent 96 Autoloading Relay
50_2 Negative Sequence Instantaneous Overcurrent AFP Arc Flash Protection
VTFF Voltage Transformer Fuse Failure    



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