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G500 GE

-Currently, THT is the official distributor of GE protective relay products in Vietnam market. The electrical system in Vietnam uses a lot of GE relays provided by THT. All of them work stably and receive high performance ratings from the users.

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     GE’s Multilin G500, a member of the advanced Multi-function Controller Platform (MCP), offers a high capacity, secure, future-proof, and substation-hardened set of modular and scalable hardware and software components designed to simplify the deployment, operation and maintenance of automation systems.

    This advanced hardware platform makes it it possible for a single device to host multiple functions and applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Concentrator, Remote terminal Unit (RTU), Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced cyber security features, and non-operational data storage. By these functions, substation operators can reduce the cost of deployment and operation while increasing system reliability through a reduced number of devices in the system.

The G500 collects data from substation protection, control, monitoring, RTU, and intelligent devices, pre-processes the data and moves it up to EMS and DMS SCADA systems providing centralized substation management.

Gateway features include:

  • Data collection, concentration and visualization
  • IEC 61850 Gateway
  • Device Redundancy
  • Built in Media Support
  • File retrieval capabilities
  • Built-in HMI

Advanced Gateway Connectivity

G500 Advanced-gateway

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